Trust, Estate & Gift Tax Return Preparation

Family Trust, Estate and Gift planning is complicated and all too often brings more questions than answers.  The professionals at Scharar Law Firm, PC include dually licensed Attorney-CPA’s that can help you navigate the critical issues from both a legal and tax perspective.  Whether you are planning for current individual gifts or planning for the financial security of your loved ones we can help structure your planning initiatives to provide the security you seek while minimizing gift and estate tax consequences.

Each year any individual can gift up to $14,000 (the current “annual gift tax exclusion”) per donee without any gift tax reporting or other tax consequences.  If you are married, you and your spouse are able to jointly gift $28,000 to each donee.  Giving an amount higher than your annual gift tax exclusion may require you to file a tax return but you may not owe any tax.

We work with our clients to understand their needs and help ensure timely and accurate trust, estate, and gift tax reporting with the Internal Revenue Services. Whether you need to file a Trust income tax return or need to file an Estate tax return for your loved one we can help.

As you and your family build a future and work to secure the family’s goals consider hiring a dually qualified Attorney-CPA to help you develop a comprehensive family plan to preserve your legacy.

When you or your business demands the dual need for an accountant and an attorney, you shouldn’t have to pay for two different, high-priced professionals.  The Attorney-CPA’s at Scharar Law Firm, PC  combine the knowledge and experience needed to address the critical issues you face from both legal and financial perspectives simultaneously.  Contact us today to experience the power of the dual view.


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