IRS Wage Garnishment

Getting a notice from the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) can be scary.  If you receive an IRS Wage Garnishment notice contact a dually licensed Attorney-CPA at Scharar Law Firm, PC quickly in order to minimize potential consequences and to begin the process of working out a settlement arrangement with the IRS.  If you choose to ignore the IRS notice and to not pay your tax debt, it can have a negative impact on your credit and could result in you lost wages.

We know that unpaid tax debts are financially, emotionally and physically draining and can cause problems in every area of your life. In order to give you peace of mind and allow you to avoid the IRS constantly chasing you down for payment, you must be proactive in seeking a resolution plan or tax collection alternative.

When the IRS has failed to collect back taxes, they can begin the process of levying your assets.  One such method of seizing your assets is by garnishing your wages directly from your employer.  The IRS does this by notifying your employer of its intent to garnish your wages and begins the process of seizing a portion of your wages out of each paycheck to satisfy a past due debt owed to IRS.

Sometimes a wage garnishment can be removed because IRS did not comply with due process afforded each and every taxpayer under the law, or because a taxpayer reaches another collection alternative such as a voluntary installment agreement, with the IRS.  Inaction will not change anything but being proactive in seeking an alternative resolution plan is a must to getting your levy removed.

By reaching a voluntary collection alternative you will remove the burden on your employer for having to research and comply with IRS rules on wage garnishments and give you the power to handle the payments yourself, that in many cases can be considerably less than garnishment amounts.  Not to mention, you’ll be able to afford your basic costs of living without the threat of not having enough money to pay for food, clothing, and housing.

When you or your business demands the dual need for an accountant and an attorney, you shouldn’t have to pay for two different, high-priced professionals.  The Attorney-CPA’s at Scharar Law Firm, PC  combine the knowledge and experience needed to address the critical issues you face from both legal and financial perspectives simultaneously.  Contact us today to experience the power of the dual view.


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